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1887 - Latin removed

1877 —Latin is removed in the Liturgy

Although it had continued to use the Roman Rite, from the middle of the 18th century the Dutch Old Catholic See of Utrecht had increasingly used the vernacular instead of Latin. The churches which broke from the Holy See in 1870 and subsequently entered union with the Old Catholic See of Utrecht gradually introduced the vernacular into the Liturgy until it completely replaced Latin in 1877.

OCAC Today


Today, OCAC is a truly worldwide church, with work and outreach on every continent, and a clergy of hard-working genuine Christians who are serving Christ in what they do. There are prayer communities, religious orders and societies alongside Sacramental Worship and evangelism. Each of our clergy must have an active expression of ministry, and so we have chaplains, missionaries, street pastors, serving the homeless and programs to help the needy.